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The municipal district extends along the gently-curving bay whose northern edge is marked by the impressive Rock of Ifach. The rock has been turned into a Nature Park and provides shelter for a variety of plants, such as the rockrose, tree germander and the Ifach campion. This immense rock, towering to 332 m., just out into the sea to the punta de Carallot. The summit can be reached via a pathway tunnelled through solid rock, from which you can enjoy a marvellous panorama of the coastline, with the island of Ibiza being visible on a clear day.




Calpe is a town which is full of history and culture. Its strategic location on the coast has attracted many voyagers and settlers throughout history. Remains of Iberian tribes were discovered around the skirts of the Rock of Ifach. Later, the Romans founded a prosperous colony on the coastal plain whose main activity was commerce in dried, salted fish. Calpe entered a period of redevelopment during the 18th century, consolidating the town in the 19th century and laying the foundations for its current prosperity as a major attraction for both national and international tourism



The festivities calendar starts in February with the Carnival, in which marching bands from both Spain and Europe meet in Calpe. The Fallas festivity is held in March, in which monumental statues are ceremoniously put to the flames on Lt. Joseph’s Day, the 19th . There is a midsummer’s festival on June 24th. August 5th marks the patron saint’s day of the town -Virgen de las Nieves- with processions, outdoor parties, fireworks, etc. In October, after the Spanish-German Beer Festival, on the 22nd the fiestas in honour of the Santísimo Cristo del Sudor are held and around the same time, the fiestas of Moors and Christians are celebrated also in honour of the patron saint.



If you like sports and adventures, you have both the sea and the mountains to choose from. The fishing port, once used by Phoenicians and Romans, now has a Nautical Club and yachting marina, where you can obtain information on scuba diving. Windsurfing, water-skiing, swimming and sailing. Sailing courses are also available. The nearby cliffs and mountains offer more adventures in the form of rock-climbing on Ifach and Toix and spelunking in Oltà.

What to do?


Stroll round the ancient town centre and see the typical fisherman’s houses in the town’s picturesque streets, then visit the Fiestas Museum and finally go to the hermitage of San Salvador on the hilltop. In the afternoon, wander down to the fishing port and watch the boats arrive with their daily catch. See the auctions at the Fish Market (Lonja).Enjoy local nature by travelling along the quiet rural roads running through vineyards, olive tree and almond orchards, or ascend the Rock of Ifach to get a splendid panoramic view of the entire area.